Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the face of Obama’s cap and trade 'crash and burn', a bit of good news from the private sector

We are correct to be suspicious of the motives of the private sector when they appear to do good. Profit is their prime motivation. No judgement here. That is how they are designed to operate. However, there have been a whole bunch of news stories this week about real leadership in the private sector toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With the lack of leadership among our federal legislators in North America, it is heartening to see the private sector step up to the plate. After all, they are the big emitters anyway. We ultimately need government to set the framework and give us the infrastructure to reduce ghg’s to the degree that we need for survival. But having large corporations and savvy businesses show environmental leadership is driving the economic indicators the right way.

Could reducing greenhouse gas emissions be linked to higher profits and a more efficient business strategy?

Here is just a sample of stories that came across my desk in the past two days:

Walmart’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol Announced
Walmart launches a real, transparent accounting system for reducing their corporate supply chain’s carbon footprint.

Large Corporations Like Microsoft calling for *Mandatory* Carbon Footprint Reporting in UK
Emphasis is mine. When do you ever remember corporations calling for mandatory reporting?

World Resources Institute’s Ecosystem Service Review used by more than 200 Companies
The Corporate Ecosystem Services Review is a structured methodology that helps managers proactively develop strategies to manage business risks and opportunities arising from their company’s dependence and impact on ecosystems. Their list of users is growing ... because it works!

Michelin partners with Yellowstone to decrease carbon footprint
One of hundreds of corporations finding synergies with non-profits to work on win-win ghg reducing projects

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