Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GHG Election Tracker - NDP propose to end oil subsidies

The details are thin, but the intent is laudable. Last week New Democrat Leader Jack Layton proposed to end the generous subsidies to oil producers that are currently doled out by the Harper Conservative government.

The New Democratic Party proposes to take the $2 billion dollars that presently go to the oil industry and redirect it into renewable energy and green jobs. Programs such as solar hot water installations, commercialization of clean tech, and training for renewable energy technicians, researchers, designers, and energy auditors would benefit Canadians directly and provide economic stimulus for healthy growth.

This is the kind of innovative thinking that can drive Canada into a place of economic leadership in the new millenium. Using fossil fuel subsidies and legacy sector grants to transition to the new technologies that will drive our economy is a significant strategy in meeting emission reduction goals while growing the Canadian economy.

We look forward to more details about these programs and others as the NDP reveals their platform in the days to come.

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