Thursday, April 28, 2011

GHG Election Tracker - Vote for Action on Climate Change

The campaign is nearing its end as we approach the May 2nd election day. The coverage has been disappointing in terms of climate change as an issue or concern for candidates, electors, and the media. There are many reasons for this absence. The fear of the issue as a hot topic has kept candidates from raising it. But the Canadian electorate must take some of the blame for simply keeping it off the agenda as an item of concern.

Whether it made the front pages or not, climate change was clearly addressed in the platforms of all parties. I would encourage folks to vote on Monday to have an impact on our country's future. And if you're undecided or you weren't going to vote, perhaps you would consider voting for the long-term future of the health of our children and the safety of humans everywhere.

We've outlined the platforms of the big three parties and their stances on climate change policies. Here are a couple more helpful resources to help you decide who will best steward our country and planet for the future.
  • Read all the media releases and blogs from the Pembina Institute's climate change analysts, here.
  • The Climate Action Network provides analysis of party platforms and strategies, here.

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