Thursday, December 10, 2009


I made it to the city of 'hope'. After a day and a half of airports and close connections, I'm here in Copenhagen. On 3 hours of sleep in the past 36, I'm up at 2am, too pumped to sleep.

The city is vibrating with hope. In fact, they're shouting from billboards, t-shirts, and every advertising space available, a new name for the city. They're calling in Hopenhagen.

Everything in this beautiful old town is transformed and dedicated to the climate summit. We were so tired and so inspired that a couple of the more sentimental among us were moved to tears to see the effort, creativity, and beauty of the art and demonstrations in the city centre.

Probably should go get some sleep so I can take it all in. Tomorrow I'll register and make it to the United Nations negotiation hub at the Bella Conference Center.

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